Photo: Lehtikuva / Vesa Moilanen

Hello! Here’s a brief resumé of my career and achievements so far:

Currently I work as Professor of Practice (Organizational communications) at the University of Helsinki. Previously, I was Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki for 14 years (2003–2017). I entered my first position of trust in Helsinki in 1984 and acted for over 30 years in various capacities, including vice chair of the City Board and President of the City Council.

My academic background is in psychology. I received my Ph.D. in 1990. I am also Executive Master of Business Administration (2014).

For 16 years, I had my own radio phone-in programme (Yölinja, Night Line) aimed at people in various types of life crises. The programme ended in 2002, but people still stop me in the street demanding a return to the airwaves. From 2005 to 2014, I was President of the National Association for Mental Health. I have written a number of books on politics, psychology and the psychology of politics and the novel “Better Than Sex” (2014 – alas, only in Finnish).

In 2017, I founded an enterprise (Pekka Sauri Oy) through which I offer services in communications and social media to both government and businesses. Please get in touch so we can work out a suitable package for your organization.

I’m active on Twitter (@pekkasauri), over 100K followers) and Facebook. You will get a rough idea of my fields of interest and mode of activity by following me.

Motto: The best days of humankind are yet to come.